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Intense UV sunlight can sometimes discolor floors, window treatment, even sheer materials can help to prevent this.

Having new flooring installed in your home can be a very exciting change. In order to keep your floors looking new there are certain ways to clean them. We have a few easy tricks and tips to prevent damage.


Sharp objects:

If you have pets, you may want to have their nails trimmed to avoid scratches.


High-heeled stilettos and some sports shoes can also cause damage to certain types of floors.

Use floor protectors or a dolly when moving large, heavy furniture to prevent scratching and indentations.


If you have furniture with legs that could dull or scratch your floor, you might want to consider applying felt pads to the bottom.

Easily extend the life of your new floors by practicing proper care:  501-753-4544


Mats can be an easy way to cut down on the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked into rooms, onto the flooring. Be careful with what type of anti-slip pad you use below the mat though, as it could discolor some types of floors.


We also suggest that you rearrange rugs and furniture to prevent uneven wearing.

Rugs and entry mats: